"Tainted" - CD "CORTEN" 2015

When I get lost in the dephts of all my thoughts I wonder if I ever could get out. Everything that I believed in is now consuming me. I believe in death, in life. What I really get? Just a bunch of lies. Digging deep inside myself I kept my hope living. I tried by keeping it alive to keep myself breathing. I rejected truth wanting be alive but now I´m prepared to die…just die. Everything is a lie, just let me get out. Horror, madness bound me with a barbed wire. Fly in cursed spaces, vomit my disgraces I just want to. I just want to let my black blood flowing, let my dead eyes glowing. I just want to scream out the spell inside of me. No way out. I am The One - King of flies, aborted by an asphixiated, I live inside sad and exhausted minds. Welcome to my paradise. All of my attepmts to do the right thing are destroyed, and my hopes were cutted out by rusty scissors. Now as I sit here in my own blood I figured out that the way is only one and that way is to be alone.The unbearable pain starts changing me. Like a damned ghost in the dephts of my broken mind I wonder if I really want to get out. Everything that I…all that I feared now motivates me. Far away I have time. I am not dead. I´m alive.