"Crucial crack" - CD "CORTEN" 2015

You align me, towards massive walls you keep pushing me and you always knew that´s the only thing that I fucking hate. You align me to the only path that you fucker chose me; towards your deep shit you keep pushing me. Going thorough never helped us, now I am facing tasks identical as always. Where are you? Why you left me? Why you betrayed me so fast and unexpectedly? A warm place you left behind, keep devouring me from the fucked up inside. Now you´re gone and I am still here facing same shitty tragedy without a chance to get out. I tried to get out, I want to get out, I try to get out. But now I´m stuck, I´m all alone left on my own. Destroyed is my work, my life is wasted, thank you so much to make this happen. You align me to it. You just ruined me and my desires, you just threw my wishes in the fire, you just wasted all my fucking time…piece of shit. You pretended that you fucking care, you destroyed all while I was not aware. All you said was just a fucking lie. Like a rat you swore to me