"Redefinition of self" - CD "CORTEN" 2015

My patience is over, I can´t wait anymore. Minute after minute everything is getting worse. You will never get it until you´ll feel the burn. Endlessly and slowly. Stay lost I´ll never miss you. Be lost and stay the fuck out. You wasted all your chances, don´t dare to come back now. The time run out, keep your damn excuses deep inside your mouth. It eats me from inside, like a parasite, it´s blackening my sight. Hate steps out from beside so close I can even feel it and I know what to do. This mixture of depresions is like a suicide symphony…it´s taking me far away from the pain that I´m filled with. So I see your destiny - a festering slit with you inside. Metamorphosis of mind takes me to the other side. Exhausted of this fucking life I must let my anger fly.