"Misunderstanding" - CD "HUMANIPULATION" 2020

What s going on? A light is turning black!
What s going on? Blindness and mistakes!
Growing and changing … Will you take this way?
Wasn’t everything always - all ways - always for your sake?

What s going on? New life, new friends!
What s going on? The virus continues!
Touching the system, a stroke of your ego.
Symbiosis with the meaning and hunger for new arms.

A sense of fear and sadness lie in the deepest part of our hearts.
And we can just stand behind watching your success, watching your failures and judging your life...
Now tell me who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?
Where do you belong? Where do you think you now belong?

Are these the signs of a higher will? What has gone wrong?
No egoism, no arogance. You had only to take!

One life to live
Take care, beware
You're the master of your own fate now

I´m changing now! I found a new way of life!
I´m changing now! My empathy is gone
Extraordinary changes, bloody coloured eyes.
The Virus's spreading through my body, I am gonna rise!