"Blind Ignorance" - CD "HUMANIPULATION" 2020

Feel the blind ignorance ... Groping inside your mind ... Just an insignificant change ...
An intense sense of freedom ... Loss of opinions you had all your life... why?
„Remember your dreaming surely scratched to your memory.
Under the pretext of your healing, They changed your mind to build their empire.
Think about it!

I have not transitioned yet. Impossible! Unbelievable!
Feel the blind ignorance ... Crowds of „no faces“ just like the army of slaves … WHY???“
Are you surprised? Are you excited? Or are you scared to look into your eyes?
After all, the choice came out from my voice. What should I have to avoid?

For sure, my self-evaluation is within perception. But this act of accusation changes my position
The sense of individuality is fading into a confused cloud of all your duties.
Interpersonal activity replaced by relational relativity
Relational activity replaced by interpersonal relativity

Really, why should I regret? It is on me, that I will reflect!
A sudden urge of newly acquired loyalty to follow an inner voice in my head
the voice which is telling me: everything is all right, and which is telling me how I should act
Ignoring restrictions and new rules in progress I still feel freedom… in the past I would die

I wouldn't accepted this kind of leading. I'd never have believed this kind of lie
Such a beautiful feeling
The power to switch and cut without bleeding