"Humanipulation" - CD "HUMANIPULATION" 2020

Humanipulation - resistless mental slavery
Humanipulation - Until you die
Humanipulation - Injected straight into your blood
Humanipulation - Controls your mind

Flooding the body with silent aggression, You see cold steel in the crying eyes
Spreading as a simple organic infection, Is this the truth or is it all lies
Flooding the body with silent aggression, Again the steel - now you realize
Spreading as a simple organic infection, This is not truth these are only lies

Humanipulation - Temperature changes rapidly
Humanipulation - Skin's getting hard
Humanipulation - You have no hunger nor the thirst
Humanipulation - Don't you dare fight

Close your eyes, let your weak body flow in the wave of time
towards a better life controlled by one sovereign system
Unnatural unconventional pressure deep inside you accelerate your beating heart
Emergency, leukocytes, lymph nodes activated. Immunity's failing, virus - done!
„I'll tell you what humans are! The only animal that stubs it's toe twenty times on the same pebble.
That's why you let your meaning manipulate again and again like willing sheep. And you like it!! And this is my turn…"
Welcome to my command base of the puppeteers. You are my army of slaves. I have come here to show you integrity!
„Man gets crazy from that, gets mad and insane of it, gets you feeling really really good“. ….But I'm the only one

Humanipulation - Following intructions directly
Humanipulation's washing your brain
Humanipulation - Looks like the puppet's gallery
Humanipulation's hiding your pain

Empathy's dying because of the system. Better for you, your morallity.
Power's increasing and items are mounting. It's integrity