"Reset the Chaos" - CD "THROUGH" 2013

Staring at waves of fury
Transforming into a broken mind
Deep inside from task-to task mood
That someone else defined

Eternal status: overdue
Solving shit inside six walled cubes
Main goal is to turn chaotic mass
Into a perfect happiness

In perfecitizens mind injected blocks of tasks
These applications are accelerating
In perfecitizens mind deleted blocks of past
And this deletion is accelerating too

Reset the chaos because everything is different now

Generator of methods for possible rebellion
Percent by percent making this place better organized
Eliminating individualistic forms of perception
Society has to be blind

Tolerance set to 0,0%
Everything else must be strictly revised
There is no place for honor and self-confidence
Everybody must be in a line

Wont you try find the way out?

Erode it to the core
Until there wont be more
And open the hidden door
To great world after sabotage

Twist the perception
Of synthetic illusion
That’s called perfect life
By mechanic parasites

A place made of fiction you are just touch
Drink the poisonous truth
From the world after sabotage
Reset the chaos by finding your own way