"Accordance" - CD "THROUGH" 2013

In accordance with your system, there must be only one philosophy
Which governs the entire mass which has a common goal-world´s misery
It can not be otherwise, as everything must be conforming to
You and your followers – the infection and spreading tumor

According to your approach I´m already just a lifeless being
And my visions of freedom are deviating from the standard thinking
You say destruction is the main solution to get us through
But destruction is the opposite of what I do

In accordance with your system we all work in one big colony
Where is no time nor life nor heart as the inside of your afflicted being
Therefore you claim yourself the only master of all light
And let us glorify you

But despite of all your efforts to poke my eyes
I see the blood star on your forehead
Glimmering for death

Billions of slaves under a virtual moon
Playing the role of living screws
Keeping the whole machine together
Condemning themselves – in accordance